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Word of the Week #11 0

Word of the Week #11

We’re in a hurry, Anechka – you must put your shoes on lickety-split!   lickety-split (adv) [ˌli-kə-tē-ˈsplit] 1. As soon as possible.

WANTED: Lemony Snicket 1

WANTED: Lemony Snicket

Have you ever read any book from A Series of Unfortunate Events? If you haven’t yet, lemme tell you a thing or two bout the novels. The series is actually the narration of the lives of...

Featured Club: Your Novel 0

Featured Club: Your Novel

Writing a novel or three? Need a place to vent a bit about the trials and tribulations, and maybe get some sympathy and advice? Your Novel is the club for that. While most of...

Challenge Corner #9 – Car Boot 3

Challenge Corner #9 – Car Boot

Hello again, everyone! Apologies for the break in schedule last week – the shark of university leapt up out of the ocean a bit more suddenly than I was expecting, but we’re back to...

Word of the Week #10 0

Word of the Week #10

Lawks a mercy, Susanna, Gallifrey’s not in Ireland! You’re such a piggesnye. piggesnye (noun)  PEEG-eh-snee-yeh 1. “A cuckooflower”; someone who is pretty but not particularly bright.