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4 Foods for NaNoWriMo 0

4 Foods for NaNoWriMo

  Like any other organ in your body, your brain needs food! Just as you shouldn’t exercise without at least eating something like a banana first, it’s generally a good idea to snack on...

Word of the Week #37 1

Word of the Week #37

Athazagoraphobia is why I write. When I die, I want to have been more than a shout in the void. athazagoraphobia (noun)  1. Fear of being forgotten or ignored

NaNo Survival Kit 4

NaNo Survival Kit

Newsreader: Good evening. This is the 6 o’clock news at the Novelists’ News Network studio. Novelists around the world are preparing for ‘Thirty Days and Nights of literary abandon’ according to the organisers of National Novel...

Motivation Monday 0

Motivation Monday

Some days are harder than others, we all know this. And some days, despite our special efforts and despite our particular attention, it’s all just too much to be bothered with. This isn’t an...