Monthly Archive: November 2013

Word of the Week #41 0

Word of the Week #41

It didn’t matter that Bill’s family was down to their last penny and their car had just been stolen, Lawrence was too induratised to care. induratise (verb)  1. To make one’s own heart hardened...

Word of the Week #40 0

Word of the Week #40

Ted’s dissertation was little more than adoxography, and he failed that final year. adoxography (noun)  1. Beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance.

Featured Poem 11/18 – “Honey” 0

Featured Poem 11/18 – “Honey”

Honey by Arielle Greenberg   I am three months out and six to go, stuffing my plastic Superball body with the salt & twang of crackers die-cut into the shapes of fish. God forsakes...

Beware the ides of NaNoWriMo 0

Beware the ides of NaNoWriMo

It’s the ides of NaNoWriMo! Or, in other words, November 15. If you’re participating in it and you’re doing an equal number of words per day, then you should be at 25,000 by now....

Why is zero plural? 6

Why is zero plural?

I have zero giraffes. I have one giraffe. I have two giraffes. It seems somewhat of a grammatical oddity that when used in a sentence, zero is plural. After all, plural means two or...

Word of the Week #39 0

Word of the Week #39

The newly-hatched phoenix blazed like an incalescent flower, brightening the entire midnight sky. incalescent (adjective)  1. Growing hotter; set ablaze.