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How to protect your work online

One of the questions I receive most often from members of the Young Writers Society is how do you protect your work online? It’s a common concern, and unfortunately there’s no simple way to...


Welcome To The New Writing Gooder

Have you noticed how Writing Gooder has a new theme now? It’s called Hueman, and it’s the perfect theme to highlight a new and refreshed Writing Gooder going forward. We have now an almost...

Word of the Week #48 0

Word of the Week #48

Tina was such a gobemouche, she truly believed that Han shot first. gobemouche (noun) [go-be-MUSH] 1. A very gullible person who believes everything he or she hears, no matter how absurd.

Word of the Week #47 0

Word of the Week #47

The walls were covered in quivers, arrows, and framed pictures of Legolas–all clues that their mysterious benefactor was a toxophilite. toxophilite (noun) [tok-SOH-fi-lait] 1. A devotee of archery, an archery enthusiast, an archery lover.