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5 Reasons NOT to Study Creative Writing

Last week, I shared my top 5 reasons to study Creative Writing in college/university, but even I know it’s not all sunshine and roses. I’ve loved every minute of my degree, don’t get me...


Creative Catastrophe- F

F stands for Fort of Fortunate Feet, because forts are awesome. So this challenge involves, of course, building a fort. You can build a blanket fort in your bedroom or under the table or...

Word of the Week #53 0

Word of the Week #53

Dr Rich’s prescriptions were always so messy. I could never make sense of his cacography.  cacography (noun)  1. Bad handwriting.


5 Reasons to Study Creative Writing

For a lot of folks in the US, college decision time is just around the corner, and since you’re here at Writing Gooder it’s safe to say that you might be entertaining the idea...


Creative Catastrophe- E

E is for Eccentric Egg. Because who doesn’t instantly think of eggs and eccentricity when they hear the letter E? Except I have to admit that I also thought of elephants, so if you...

Word of the Week #52 0

Word of the Week #52

Chuck gave a very luculent speech on the merits of David Tennant over Matt Smith.  luculent (adj.)  1. Clear, lucid, easily understood.


A Medical Opinion – A State of Shock

Hi everybody! I’m Stella, a medical student with a passion for writing who’s tired of authors getting things wrong. In this column I hope to answer medical queries of YWS members so that they...