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Creative Catastrophe- O

This week’s challenge is not for the faint of heart or the lacking in courage. This challenge is dangerous, possibly foolish, and you may end up covered in blood or sap. O is for...


Creative Catastrophe- N

Nonsense Noodles. For this challenge of the week you will probably need to stop by a store and purchase a bag of alphabet noodles. Then, make alphabet soup (If I was a professional chef...


Creative Catastrophe- M

This week’s Creative Catastrophe Challenge is magical, of course, because magic begins with the letter M. This challenge is Magical Mermaids, and in order to complete it you will need to find some water....

Word of the Week #59 0

Word of the Week #59

Louisa didn’t realise that standing on the right side of the escalator was the ultimate taboo. She was soon trampled by a mob of angry commuters.  taboo (noun)  1. Anything culturally or socially forbidden.


Creative Catastrophe- L

I bet you don’t know how to say Lizard in Spanish. And if you do, or if you go back to the Google Gallivanting post then you probably went to Google and looked it...