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Word of the Week #64 0

Word of the Week #64

The one day he was late, Sam’s tutor gave him a pecksniffian lecture about tardiness, even though she had never turned up to their meetings on time.  pecksniffian (adjective)  1. Hypocritical, sanctimonious, pretentious and...

Word of the Week #63 0

Word of the Week #63

To try and explain his date’s absence, Patrick came up with a cockamamie tale about aliens and dogs with no noses.  cockamamie (adjective)  1. Absurd, foolish, outlandish, implausible, crazy, unrelated to reality.

Creative Catastrophe- P 0

Creative Catastrophe- P

Population Peering. This week go and People Watch, because sometimes you find the craziest inspiration while watching people who don’t realize they’re being watched. Use that inspiration to write a story or a poem...