Challenge Corner #16 – The Interview

Greetings all, and welcome back to Challenge Corner! I hope you’re having a good week – if not, I’ve got a lovely challenge to make it better!

This week’s basic challenge is pretty simple:

– Write about an interview.

This is a lovely opportunity for some small-scale character interaction, without much distraction, if that’s what you’re looking for – after all, at its simplest, an interview can be just two people in an empty room. Of course, there’s space to make something much larger if you prefer, and nobody said you had to write prose! If you write some epic poetry on this, you’ll hit the top of my “Awesome People” list.

But what would Challenge Corner be without the super bonus options? Here they are:

+ Bonus Points: if you can get a daft-seeming question in there. Like, “Why wouldn’t you dry your laundry at the North Pole?”

++ Double Bonus Points: if the daft question makes total sense in context.

+++ Triple Bonus Points: if the interviewee blows the interviewer away with their response to the daft question!

There you go – I hope that’s challenge enough! Don’t forget to leave a link to your piece in the comments below; it’s always nice to see what different people come up with for the same prompt!

Cadi x



Cadi is a Computer Science student from the UK, with hair that keeps changing colour and a mind that keeps changing topic. She writes, doodles, photographs and cooks, and gets far too excited about all of them in turn. Because it's worth getting excited about stuff.

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