What Else You Should Be Reading: McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

There are many things to be discovered in the wonderful world of Twitter. One of those things is a contest regularly run by a certain literary website for a new columnist. Successful auditions land writers a deal publishing several installments of their writing on a website that gets, as estimated by CubeStat, around 27k visitors per day. That website is Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.


While, according to the main page at McSweeneys.net, the physical publication side of the McSweeney’s empire began with the mission of “publish[ing] only works rejected by other magazines”, it’s since moved beyond one facet of publication and along with continuing to publish the same quarterly literary magazine, McSweeney’s has several imprints, publications spanning different topics, and the charming corner of the internet I mentioned above. You need proof, you say? You want me to convince you to click on over? Well, I don’t have to bring you with cookies, that’s for sure. Just read the titles of some of these columns. (Please beware that some material contained in the links below may be for mature audiences only.)

Not your cup of tea? Try some stand-alone prose.

Including renditions by Jane Austen and Toni Morrison If all that’s nice, but you want something new, try one of the unique categories of the site: lists.

If you like your literature like you like your vegetables — fresh — you’ll be bookmarking this page right about now.

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