Featured Club: Poetry Partners

If you’ve ever wanted to tackle poetry but didn’t know where to start, Poetry Partners is a place to start. From the About page:

Poetry Partners is a club dedicated to creating well rounded and experienced poets. It takes the knowledge of a mentor and let’s them give all their expertise to a newer or less experienced poet to help them on their way to greatness. Whether the mentor does this by giving their apprentice prompts to challenge them, by pulling them out of their comfort zone, by reviewing before or after the poem is posted or merely by nudging them in the right direction whenever they need it. And even after they’re not mentoring so much as giving opinions on works every now and again, hopefully there will be a strong bond between apprentice and mentor!

The club is still quite new and in need of both mentors. If you’re confident in your poetry knowledge and skills, please consider applying to be a poetry mentor!


Kyll likes puns and playing with pronouns. Kyll also likes talking about Kyllself in third person. Kyll currently writes the Featured Club column, though Kyll hopes to branch out soon into other areas of Kyllish interest. Kyll also spends half the time as an INTJ and the other half as an INTP. You have been warned.

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