One day to live – Before I Fall wake-up call

The majority of people do not go about their day to day lives with the assumption that they will not live to see tomorrow, especially if they are young. We live in each day, reminisce about the past and constantly plan for our future. As awful and unfair as deaths of young people are, it still happens.

High school senior Samantha Kingston never thought that it would happen to her, until her car goes off an icy road one winter night. Given the chance to relive the last day of her life seven times, she goes through an intense emotional journey throughout the course of the novel.

Most members of this site are high school or college aged. If you’re in high school, many incidents in the novel will ring true to your current experience. If you’re in college or beyond, you will recognize many things from when you were in high school.

It is a book that rings true for anyone and everyone, and is a must read if you want to experience a thought-provoking portrait of the human condition and how we behave when we’re young.

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