Challenge Corner #18 – One Last Chance

You’re running along through the video game. You slip up, hit the big nasty spikes. Your avatar flickers, and disappears, and up in the corner, the life counter drops down to one. The beginning of the level rematerialises, but this is it. Your last life. You have one last chance.

Of course, in modern games, you can save and reload, or continue from a checkpoint, and it’s all fine and dandy – but that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic. And I feel like being dramatic this week, so let’s dramatically announce this week’s dramatic challenge!

– You have one last chance.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t so dramatic. It was probably quite predictable, given the title and everything. But I bet you can write something awesome and drama-filled off the back of it!

And, just in case you needed something a little more to get the drama juices flowing, let’s have some super bonus options:

+ Bonus Points: Include a ticking clock (that is, a time limit on the action – “you have one hour to do this!”).

++ Double Bonus Points: Have the character lose their last chance unexpectedly.

Playing with that double point option should be a fun way to practise writing plot twists – and everybody loves plot twists. I look forward to reading any you throw my way after this challenge!

Have fun!

Cadi x


Cadi is a Computer Science student from the UK, with hair that keeps changing colour and a mind that keeps changing topic. She writes, doodles, photographs and cooks, and gets far too excited about all of them in turn. Because it's worth getting excited about stuff.

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2 Responses

  1. Cailey says:

    Slightly morbid, perhaps… and I’m not entirely sure what the plot is. 🙂 But here you go.

  2. Niteowl says:

    Yeah I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but…I did it! And I even double dipped with Rydia’s super-evil Terza Rima challenge. 😛

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