Featuring Fiction: Paradise by GriffinClaw

Does "paradise" exist?

Does “paradise” exist?

Have you ever read a story that takes your breath away as your eyes continue to scan down the page, reading, still reading, steadily reading while craving for more even after it is finished and over? That’s how I felt after I stumbled upon Paradise by our very own YWS user, GriffinClaw. The style in this story is very colorful and will urge you to keep on reading, not stopping to blink or breathe.

Paradise is a story based on GriffinClaw’s dream, and the events that happened do not make perfect sense, but perhaps that is the whole concept of the story. It is loose, yet it is vivid; it can be interpreted in many ways, or it can be interpreted literally and directly. So, that brings up the question at hand here: what is “paradise”? Can one truly find this “paradise”? Read up on GriffinClaw’s work, and perhaps that question will linger in your mind for a moment as you are left to ponder about the piece.

If you’ve got a moment to spare, why not spend a few moments to read over his work, and maybe even drop a review? It’s a wonderful piece to read, and it certainly deserves more attention!

Keep writing!

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