Iggy’s Alphabet {A}

Hello everyone! This is a new segment for WritingGooder, called “Iggy’s Alphabet”, written by yours truly, every Monday.

What’s it about, you ask? Well, I just choose a word that begins with the letter of the week, and talk about it. Whether it has to do with movies or people or events, or even a combination.

We’re going to begin alphabetically, of course! So today’s letter is A. So, what word that begins with A is going to be my topic? Drum roll, please! .. Angels.

I assume that everyone knows what an angel is, right? Whether you read about them in fiction books, or the Bible, or even have your own up in Heaven, it doesn’t matter. How you perceive them is up to you.

When I think of angels, I think of the people in my family who have died, like my great aunt Teresa and my aunt Melissa. I, unfortunately, don’t remember either of them that well, but they were the world to my grandma. Teresa was her sister/best friend, and Melissa was her daughter, who died as an infant. They are her angels, and she even has a tattoo of aunt Melissa over her heart.

My angel is Cory Monteith. He died recently, for any of my fellow Gleeks out there. He was a big inspiration for me, both as Finn Hudson and as himself. He inspired me, motivated me, taught me to be confident in my singing. It hit me really hard when he died. He was someone I looked up to and loved. I do believe that he is my angel, up in Heaven, watching down on me.

When we think of angels, we also think of the fallen ones, mainly Lucifer. I’ve read some excellent books about fallen angels, the good and bad ones. If you are into these types of books, here’s two good series: Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Fallen by Lauren Kate.

Another good book series that doesn’t exactly center around fallen angels is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. There is the movie that’s coming out soon, but I highly suggest you read the books first. They are amazing!

So, what do angels make you think of? Do you have an angel yourself, who passed away? Do angels make you Whovians think of Weeping Angels? Does it bring L.A. into your mind, or a movie, a book, a song? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let me know in the comments!

Tune in next week for B on “Iggy’s Alphabet”!


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  1. manisha says:

    I do not always relate Angels to people who have passed away but rather to people in my life who have left a big impact. They do not have to friends, even strangers who say something someday that changes your perspective on life.
    I do have an Angel, someone I met and knew only for over a month before he passed away. He taught me something that I hold very close to heart now.
    I can call Rabindranath Tagore my angel too for he shaped the way I think through his words and works.
    And it brings Leonardo Da Vinci to mind(strange, I know).

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