Iggy’s Alphabet {B}

Welcome to Iggy’s alphabet! It’s just my little corner of Writing Gooder, where I take a certain word, beginning with the letter of the alphabet I am currently on, and write about it!

Today’s letter is B, and the word is… Birthdays.

Why, you ask? Because this is my birth week! The official day is the 7th, but I shall be celebrating all week because I want to!

Ah, birthdays. There are so many ways to celebrate them. You can have it at home or at a restaurant. You can have cake and ice cream or a different preferred desert. You can have a lot of people over or little to no people over. You can be excited or disappointed in aging. You can get presents or money.

It’s different for everyone! You can easily tell this by going to a friend’s party and noticing a big difference. Perhaps they like sometime you don’t like (a band or a tv show) and that is the theme. Perhaps they like chocolate cake while you prefer vanilla. Perhaps they are a different gender and the theme is way out of your comfort zone (princesses or superheroes, etc.)

Presents. That is another thing about birthdays. Someone is either really easy to shop for, or really hard. Is that makeup really her color? Will he even like that Transformer? Is that movie appropriate for them?

Kids, remember: when it doubt, give money. That way, they can buy what they know they will like. Now, all you need is a fancy card to put it in. Do they like humor or loving? Hmm..

Aging is another thing! It’s a good thing when you’re 12 and want to be a teenager; it’s terrible when you are my age, turning 17. One more year until you are officially legal and must do the impossible: Grow up.

It also sucks when you are your parents or grandparents age. They have told me many times that they don’t want to age anymore. In fact, it’s common among women to want to stop aging after 25. Who can blame them?

Despite aging, birthdays are still pretty awesome. You get to boss people around (kind of), get your favorite dinner, don’t have to do the dishes, CAKE, and presents!

So next time it’s your birthday, dot forget to make a wish and thank everyone who gave you gifts and helped you celebrate!


I'm Iggy. Junior Moderator, friend, mentor. Writer, reader. :3

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3 Responses

  1. manisha says:

    My best-friend’s birthday is this month. She is turning 18. We had made a pact that when we turn 18 we would gift the other 18 amazing gifts. She made my birthday super special with her carefully picked 18 presents. I’m currently putting together her 18.

  2. thewritersdream says:

    I think that birthday’s are important I’m thinking about it, and I love the fact that we’re celebrating the day of our birth, to say, guess what we made it another year! XP For some people it’s really important and special while for other people it’s just ritual. That said though, it’s important because we’re alive and we have the potential to do what we can in the world. 🙂

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