Proudly Psychopathic by Kevikur

Is it considered psychopathic if psychopaths are proud to be themselves?

Is it considered psychopathic if psychopaths are not ashamed to be themselves?

Hey there, and here’s for another round of Featuring Fiction here at our very own lovely YWS! In case you missed the first issue of Featuring Fiction, I’ll be scouring short stories (and once in a while, novels!) to write and feature about. These stories are, in my humble opinion, well-written and deserve much more attention than what it is given now.

So today’s featured story is Proudly Psychopathic by Kevikur. (Warning: it is rated 16+ for violence and language.) Kevikur has a very vivid and colorful way of telling a story, and I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time, eager to read more and more, eating up the words. Not only is the story nicely written, but it’s a story that is guaranteed to get you thinking: everyone should accept themselves and not let anyone tell them better.

Though that might sound a little cheesy, huh? Perhaps that is exactly what Kevikur has in mind, though. Here lies a psychopath—a violent person, a brutal and reckless person that will not hesitate to deliver some powerful blows— and he knows he cannot change, but he accepts it. On top of that, he is not ashamed of being himself.

So, dear reader, what do you think? Is he psychopathic for not being ashamed of the violent he has caused, or is this a life lesson we should all learn from him?

Why not head over to Kevikur’s story and review and like it? It’s a refreshing little story to read, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

Keep writing, folks!

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  1. Skins says:

    An awesome choice, Carina! I read Kevikur’s piece, and it was awesome. He approached a typical issue very originally and entertainingly, and it certainly teaches us a life lesson… even if it is taught in a very psychopathic way. The psychopath way is always the most fun way.

    Thanks for finding this gem!

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