How to Kill an Armchair by creativityrules

Would you kill your armchair?

Would you kill your armchair?

Here’s to the third edition of Featuring Fiction in YWS, a biweekly feature of well written yet hidden stories. This week I chose How to Kill an Armchair by creativityrules. Now, let me tell you about this one. When I first started to hunt down short stories that were neglected and hidden in the shadows, it was the usual diddle-daddle: this was good, yes, maybe, too many reviews, too many stars, possibly feature worthy…

But then I found How to Kill an Armchair. The first thing I noticed is that it had zero stars—zero, none, zip, nada!—even when it was published weeks ago. I started to read the story, and oh my goodness, I was blown away with it. Creativityrules’s grammar was spot on, her style was incredibly captivating, and her story was very well written. Indeed, How to Kill in Armchair is really like finding a diamond in a mine!

The story is about a young girl who writes in her journal daily, but encounters problems with her parents and goes through a series of thoughts that will leave you thinking. Does she have a point in her words to her father? Is this something that happens throughout society? Would you kill your armchair?

Why not read her story for yourself and give it a like and review? It most definitely needs more attention than what it has now. I promise you it will be worth your time; it sure was for me!

Keep writing, folks!

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