Sunday Serial: Poppy McJay #1

Welcome to the very first Sunday Serial! From this week onward you’ll be getting a weekly update of several serial stories. Beginning with the romance of Poppy McJay!


Poppy McJay

Poppy McJay doesn’t take nothing from nobody. She’s got one mean stare and the prettiest eyes you ever did see. She looks at you like you’re made of glass, and she heats you up until you melt. Poppy was strolling down the street one day when she met the most beautiful young man she had ever seen. She noticed his abs of steel under his singlet and the broad shoulders and then the most lovely smoulder on his lips. When he said “Hello, Poppy” her heart stopped and her very pretty eyes fluttered as she blinked very rapidly.

“Hebablsh” she said in return, and blushed bright red.

Jacob laughed a very manly laugh and introduced himself; “I’m Jacob? Jacob Tenner. I was just at the forest with the logging crew, as I am a lumberjack.” He explained.

“Ohahaha” Poppy responded, wondering what had happened to her tongue, that words were not working.

This did not seem to fuss Jacob at all, instead he reached out and took her hand in his large, calloused palm, and shook it gently but firmly. “Lovely to meet you, Poppy. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

This time Poppy’s words worked, only at a very odd volume. “WHO SAID WHAT NOW?” She cried, and then promptly tried to bury her head in a bush. Jacob gently extracted her, trying not to laugh some more.

“My aunt is a very good friend of your mother’s. She said I might meet you here.

“My… mum.” Poppy murmured, thinking of all the Biblical ways one could kill their mother.

“Well.” And this time Jacob blushed a little on his high cheekbones, making Poppy’s knees go a little more weak than they ought, “I’m new here and she rather said. Well. She suggested -” he coughed and ran a hand through his hair, ruffling it thoroughly, “she said you might be okay showing me around, since… well. She mentioned…um. You wouldn’t be busy?” As he said this he grinned a lopsided smile which took all the wind out of her completely.

Watching Poppy thud her forehead against the collection of books she had been holding, Jacob coughed again “I mean… if it’s okay. I mean! If it’s not okay! If you don’t want… I don’t want…” He blushed a little brighter and kicked the concrete with his boots, hands jammed into his jean pockets.

Poppy looked up, startled “No! Wait… I mean…” She took a deep breath and began again. “It’s great to meet you!” She tried first, with her very best smile, entirely unaware that it looked more like a pained grimace. Jacob started at her blankly so she laughed nervously and tried again. “Iwouldlovetoshowyouaround.” She gushed and then blushed, missing the quick, surprised smile from Jacob as she had already thumped her head back down.

Jacob laughed and smiled and ran his hand through his hair again, making Poppy itch to tidy it even a little. “It’s a date then!” He grinned, and then blinked, panicked “I mean, not a date…unless, no. I mean. haha, of course. I mean.” He coughed and looked away, interrupting Poppy’s confused reply “We can meet at your mum’s cause I know where that is. Not that I know where you live. I mean, I do because I know where your mum lives but not like because I’ve been watching you… okay. Okay. Um, bye!”

With that, Jacob rushed off, blushing madly and berating himself loud enough for Poppy to hear the muttering. Poppy herself was left staring after him, eyes wide and mouth wider, managing “Uh, bye.” Only as he rounded the corner and disappeared completely.

When Poppy got home she was still mystified and carried her books limply in her hand, hardly minding as they tumbled onto the couch beside her. Her mother noticed and smiled with a Cheshire grin, which her daughter unfortunately caught from the lounge room. “Mu-um. Oh my mother so so dear!” Mrs McJay stopped her humming and quickly tried to leave the kitchen, knowing what was coming. Poppy caught her at the living room door with eyes blazing. “What were you thinking! I had no warning! Look at this dress – does this look like a boy-dress to you? NO. It is a library dress! You sent a boy to meet me in my reading dress!”

 Poppy was so distraught that she barely noticed her mum blink twice before she suddenly gave up and clutched her stomach, laughing so hard she cried. “Oh baby, oh I’m so sorry.” Her mother gasped.

 Poppy growled ineffectually and threw her hands up before clutching them to her mouth in horror. “I don’t even know WHEN he’s coming to meet me!” She cried, collapsing on the couch, arms folded over her face.


Until next week, avid readers!

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