Motivation Monday


What you should know at the moment of reading this post is that YOU are GREAT


Let’s clarify – I don’t know what you’re great at right at this second, there are so many of you out there and so little time to meet everyone, but I do know you’re great at something. It might not be something you think is really cool or amazing but that doesn’t preclude acknowledging it! For example, I am most excellent at folding clothes. I know, right? I’m a paragon of Greatness.


Now, being great at things isn’t always easy (I am my household’s resident clothes folder now) but it’s definitely something you should point out and try to remember. In fact, you should point it out right now! You don’t have to tell anyone just yet (or ever) because being great isn’t about other people, it’s about you. Maybe you want to write that thing down and hide it away until next week – you’ll want it again next week because you’re going to realise that you have even more things to add, I’m sure. Whatever you do with the knowledge that you’re great, make sure you keep it inside your head for a little while at least. Maybe say it out loud, try this in an empty room, otherwise other people might be jealous that you are aware of your greatness. If this happens, please inform these people of their own greatness and then you can be great together! It doesn’t matter how insignificant you think the great part of you is – it IS significant, because it makes up part of you! And every part of you is significant to those around you.


That is the only thing I want you to remember this week  you are great! Don’t forget it!


If there’s anything you ever want to be motivated about – be it life, love, or just every day – let me know! You can comment here or find me at this classy link: I’m always thrilled to listen and I’ll be glad to up the motivate for next week!

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4 Responses

  1. Cadi says:

    I’m great at sticking little gold star stickers exactly on little star-shaped spaces!

    At least, I used to be. When I was six. I must acquire stars and spaces to check I have not lost this talent! D:

    • PenguinAttack says:

      Oh man! I always found that there was one star I just couldn’t get right. You must definitely tell me if you still have the talent!

  2. Cailey says:

    I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I am really great at drawing elaborate stick figure drawings.

    • PenguinAttack says:

      I would totally brag if I could draw! My stick figures always come out uneven. Maybe it’s cause I tilt my head when I draw. Nice work on the mad stick skillz!

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