Motivation Monday

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You’ve had the weekend, but it’s already Monday! What do you do? 


First you remember that Monday is just another day. I know, it’s the first day of many people’s work or school week and you definitely wish you were back lounging under the covers, or white water rafting, or making pottery. However, your last week was pitched with the notion that you’re Great (I hope you remembered!) and that greatness will definitely spill into this week.


This week is all about stretching your wings a little bit and reminding yourself that ‘hey, I’m already great, so I can take a little bit of a breather now.’ Some of you are reading that sentence and laughing borderline hysterically. I can see the conversation now:

Hysteric: Come now, a breather? Time doesn’t grow on trees!

Pen: But oxygen grows in trees!

Hysteric: uugh


After I revive the borderline hysteric from their fauxpun faint, I have the time to explain that taking a break every once in a while is not only okay, it’s a must. Your brain and your body only take so much over time and it is much more time efficient (and pleasant) to give yourself little gifts and breaks instead of having to take an all out holiday in three months time. You will be able to work/study longer and better always remembering that there’s Something Special waiting for you afterward.


I want you to use Monday for your Something Special from now on – when you’re not reading my posts, of course! Unless my posts are your SS, and then you’ve made such an excellent choice I’m blushing for you. This might be a new chapter of that book (or fanfic) that you’ve been trying to get through, or it might be a luxurious bath with added flotilla. Maybe you love baking, and use this time to create a masterpiece for dessert (or tea time tomorrow), or perhaps you’d prefer to just put your feet up and take a nice big breath and the accompanying deep sigh. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, as long as you give yourself time to do it. Maybe you can only afford ten minute – TAKE IT. Maybe you can’t do Mondays, find another day. Look over your schedule and find a spot where you can be you, if even just for five minutes.


As we go along you’ll eventually get to the deeply disturbing habit of taking five or more minutes to yourself every day! Gastly, I know, but we’ll take little steps until then. Now do me a favour, if you please;

1. Find your Greatness piece of paper

2. Read your Greatness

3. Read it again

4. Put the paper away again

5. Take five minutes (or more!) to reflect on how awesome you are and how much you deserve these five minutes and more

6. Go back to previous activities

Alternate 6. Put down your work and take half an hour to do whatever you want however you want.


Remember that YOU are important and significant and GREAT. Do Something Special every week so you don’t forget it. And never forget that I’m here for you whenever you may need!


Have an utterly beautiful Monday!

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