Motivation Monday

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Something Special this way comes!


Delectable readers, I hope you are having the most splendid Monday that you can imagine. This post is a little late – I’ll be honest and say that I was just having such a great Monday I almost forgot that I had to post!


Don’t you love days where you are so distracted by all of the good that everything else flies away? True, it does mean that you have to make up for it later, but for the time you are free and completely untethered to responsibility or demands! This freedom is a gift, and it is something which you should definitely embrace while it is going on.


I know what you want to tell me – that you have work and school and commitments and how could you even take a break because that would mean that tomorrow and the next day you have to do more work to make up for it?! We are not made to be working all of the time – it is super important that you take the time to look after yourself. What luck that today is Monday and we decided last week that Monday can be our Something Special day! Take the time to be distracted a little – you deserve it!


I won’t keep you from your day and your SS – But feel free to let me know if you are doing or have done anything special today (or any other day!) I love hearing from you!

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