Writing Prompt #1

Hello YWSers!

Welcome to the first in a series of weekly writing prompts. As a community of writers, we are all too familiar with writer’s block. The purpose of these prompts is to write masterpieces, but rather, to practice writing on a regular basis.  The nature of the prompt will vary each week.  This week, it will be a song.

Here’s my challenge to you: If you decide to follow the prompt, don’t spend time thinking. Upon receiving it, just try to sit down and write whatever you can in no more than 20 minutes. Try not to stop. Don’t worry about quality or even making sense. Just try to tap into your creativity and get your thoughts into words.  Who knows what ideas you might come with that you want to develop into something more substantial later.

Here is the prompt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llyADThAg5o

I won’t say anything more. After you listen, write whatever comes to mind, whatever it means to you. If it doesn’t necessarily follow the prompt, that’s perfectly fine as long as you were inspired by it.

After you write, share what you came up with in the comments!

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