7 Reasons Why You Love To Read

Growing up, there was always one thing my friends would say that I just could never understand: “I hate reading.”

‘How can you hate reading?’ I would wonder. Sure, there are the books that school assigns, and some of those are just downright terrible — more suited to a culture that has now long past. But what about the classics for young adults like My Brother Sam Is Dead and Where The Red Fern Grows? Or what about the contemporary fiction greats like Jurassic Park and Ender’s Game? And that’s not even getting into the past 15 years, during which you’ve had a huge burst of young adult fiction.

Of course, there are actually very few people who hate reading, and I have a hunch that the popularity of books among young adults has grown greatly in the past 10 years thanks to books like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

Yet, though most people do like to read, everyone seems to have slightly different reasons for why they love it. In no particular order, here are 7 of those reasons!









So, why do you read?


Nathan Caldwell is the owner and founder of the Young Writers Society and its group blog, Writing Gooder.

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