Creative Catastrophe- C

Convince the Cannibal

Everyone loves a cannibal, right? Okay, maybe, maybe not. But I bet most people do not like becoming a part of the cannibal’s dinner. Am I wrong? So this week’s challenge is to convince a cannibal NOT to eat you. This piece should be written as a letter which you can keep with you in a wallet or purse and pull it out at a moment’s notice if you ever come across a cannibal asking you to join him or her for dinner.

There really isn’t a twist to this one or a trick, you just need to write a letter to a cannibal explaining why you should not be eaten. Go crazy on this, though! Be creative and go further than “I don’t taste good.” Be convincing enough that a starving cannibal will drop his or her fork and knife and watch a movie with you instead.

And the bonus of the week: finish by writing the cannibal’s reply of why he should eat you despite your letter of protest.

As always, have fun with this! Here’s my attempt:


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