Creative Catastrophe- D

And the letter D is for: Disorienting Dialogue.

I’ve done this kind of writing several times, and it is always incredibly hilarious. In order to complete this challenge you must first go to some kind of crowded place. School, a coffee shop, a party, anywhere where you are surrounded by people. Then you just write down everything you hear. This doesn’t have to make any sense, and it doesn’t have to be complete.

Just write as you hear, and if you forget the words or can’t write fast enough, just leave out parts of the conversation. This usually ends up as a pretty entertaining read, especially if you’re writing  down your friends’ dialogue and then read it back to them.

And this week’s bonus: go back and turn the clips of dialogue into a story.

Here is my example, and feel free to post yours in the comments; I’d love to hear what kind of conversations you overhear!


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