Creative Catastrophe- E

E is for Eccentric Egg.

Because who doesn’t instantly think of eggs and eccentricity when they hear the letter E? Except I have to admit that I also thought of elephants, so if you can somehow get an elephant into this prompt as well then be my guest.

The challenge for this week is a little bit harder than some of the others, because for this prompt you need an egg. White or brown or blue if you want, it doesn’t matter, but bigger is better in this case because your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem about an egg on an egg.

For a bonus, make your poem a haiku, which it seems like would be smart because eggs aren’t that big and a haiku is probably short enough  to fit on an egg. So grab your creativity and an egg and a sharpie and write a poem.

My example!


I've been writing since I learned how to talk. I love stories and I love words.

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  1. Cailey says:

    Hey, so I now have a Thread on the YWS, so if you’re a member you can post your replies in the thread as you complete each challenge!

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