Creative Catastrophe- F

F stands for Fort of Fortunate Feet, because forts are awesome. So this challenge involves, of course, building a fort. You can build a blanket fort in your bedroom or under the table or you can go outside and collect sticks and build a teepee fort or a tree house. Basically, just go build a fort. Then, either write a poem about royalty, on your foot, or write it using your foot. The choice is yours.

The bonus for this week is pretty simple, since the challenge requires so much work. Basically, just make yourself the main character of your poem. Easy enough, right?

Also, shout out to VeerenVKS, who completed the egg challenge and the bonus. You’re awesome, Veeren. 😉

Don’t forget, if you are a member of YWS you can post your completed challenges here:

Or you can post in the comment below. As always, have fun!

And here is my fort:


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