On the Spotlight: “Do You See the Worms?”

If there’s one thing we can say about our fellow writers, it is that we’re readers first. Every day, members of the Young Writers’ Society are privileged to the works created by our friends and colleagues, and there comes a time when we read a piece that truly captivates the emotions and imaginations of our reader base.

Today, I would like to share this week’s On the Spotlight poem, “Do You See the Worms?”  written by Sarahjane97, 15.

A poem by Sarahjane97

Do You See the Worms? by Sarahjane97

Readers have praised the poem as “chilling” and “enchanting“.  I myself found a welcoming contrast between the dark subject matter and the lighthearted, seducing rhymes! It’s not often when we read these pieces that we get a first-hand look upon the processes behind them, so I took the opportunity of chatting with Ms. Sarah about the process of writing, and the inspiration behind the piece.

“The inspiration for “Do You See the Worms?” came from my many complicated feelings towards the subject of self-harm. Someone very close to me has battled with the addiction for years, and I’ve witnessed the consequences…It’s a vicious cycle that shouldn’t be taken lightly or romanticized. With this thought in mind, I wanted to create a poem that would reveal the problem for what it is, and warn readers against experimenting with it.”

I definitely felt a repulsion when visualizing the worms. Can you tell me of any challenges you might’ve faced while trying to write this idea?

“The biggest challenge faced while writing this poem was staying true to my original idea. I was so nervous of how this controversial piece would be received, that I almost didn’t submit it! I also struggled with the poetic language, [and] ….allowing rawness to overtake the poetry of my writing.”

We are certainly glad you had the courage to submit and share your poem with us. I think writing can get so difficult and frustrating at times, what is it about writing that attracts you?

“Of all my interests, writing is my favorite because it has no limits through its animosity. Any topic, question, or argument is fair game. As a quiet person, writing is the tool I use to get my unfiltered thoughts out into the world. This is why my stories are often dark and twisted, as they are my inner demons translated onto paper.”

Wow, thank you for that insight! I think I have time for one last question: Can you tell us how the Young Writers’ Society helped you on your writing journey?

“I’ve been on YWS for almost two years now, and I love being a part of such a welcoming, refreshingly honest, and constantly improving group of writers. I’ve explored other writing sites, but only on YWS do people seem so eager to grow as authors. Everyone on the site is super friendly and helpful, but the person who has stuck with me the longest is michaeld. He is one of the best writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, because he literally never stops. He’s always writing and improving and expanding his capabilities. It’s freakish. xD …Looking to the future, I hope to finish another novel. Lately, I’ve been plagued by writers block, but the attention this poem has gotten encourages me to try again. Thank you so much for all the faith you guys have in me, and always keep writing!”

Thanks again for chatting with us, Sarah! I suppose I’ll call that a wrap until next time.

If anybody has a favorite poem or lyric recently created by a YWS member, please be sure to comment below, or send a message — your choice poem might even get featured for next week’s On the Spotlight.

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  1. Ary says:

    This poem is definitely inspiring and dark, it’s a masterpiece. It reminds me of why I started writing. *sighs* It’s just so epically awesome and truly a lovely piece to read.

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