Creative Catastrophe- H

And the next letter of the alphabet, the letter H stands for Heroic Happenings.

For this week’s Creative Catastrophe Challenge you need to, well, be creative. First off, this may seem like an arts and crafts kind of project, but I promise you don’t need to have any artistic talent as long as you are creative enough.

Now I probably have you worried. Don’t worry. It’ll be great.

This week you have to write a comic. You can write a comic strip or a comic book or just one little comic square- you choose. All you need to do is have a theme: Superheroes! And a Hero, which should be yourself.

For the bonus, make yourself the hero and the villain and the victim.

Also, special shout out to the awesome people who participated in last week’s Google Gallivanting challenge: Niraco, Wordsandwishes, and WritingWolf! You guys did an awesome job. I love watching the way words can change so much through language!

As always, be creative and enjoy this next challenge! I will post my example in the Creative Catastrophe Thread on YWS, so be sure to check out mine and any other responses that get posted!


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