Creative Catastrophe- J

J is for Joy, and for Janitors. And for Joyful Janitors, this week’s challenge.

Write out ten things to be joyful about, or ten reasons to be happy. The catch, attach your pen or pencil or marker or crayon, or whatever writing utensil you use, to the end of a broomstick and write it out by holding the broomstick. A little bit of advice, this will probably be quite a bit easier if your writing utensil and paper are bigger, since I imagine writing with a pen attached to a broom may be a little bit difficult.

And the bonus of the day is to become somewhat of a janitor and sweep the room you’re writing in when you finish writing. However, I would suggest removing the writing utensil before sweeping, since I doubt crayon marks across the floor would be well received.

As always, have fun, enjoy, and this week maybe even get something productive done while you complete the challenge!

Don’t forget to post your replies and check out other examples in our lovely thread.  or in the comments below if you aren’t a member of the YWS.


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