Creative Catastrophe- K

Koalas!! Adorable little fuzzy animals from Australia that climb trees and…

However, this week’s challenge is not just Koalas; it’s Killer Kissable Koalas. Now, my koala introduction might seem a little bit misleading, because you really don’t have to write about koalas. Just search the dark corners of your mind and find some animal that you think is absolutely adorable and, well, kissable. Then, search the even darker corners of your mind and come up with a short story in which said adorable animal goes wild and becomes a threat to humanity and must be chased down and locked up or else it will destroy the world. Something along those lines.

The bonus for the week does connect to koalas a tiny bit more, since every time I imagine a koala I see it in a tree, the bonus is to write this story while sitting in a tree. So go out, find a tree, and start writing.

Have fun, be creative, and post your stories in the thread or in the comments below.


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