Creative Catastrophe- L

I bet you don’t know how to say Lizard in Spanish. And if you do, or if you go back to the Google Gallivanting post then you probably went to Google and looked it up using the wonderful Google Translate. If so, keep Google open and look up the word for push-ups in Spanish. Okay, I lied. Don’t look it up. Google said lizard was ‘lagarto’ but in Mexico it’s much more common to say ‘lagartija’ and pushups are also ‘lagartijas’.

Therefore, in honor of the same word meaning two different things, this week’s challenge is simple: to write a poem about lizards while doing push-ups. This should be a piece of cake, I mean, I’m sure lizards do it all the time.

The bonus is a little bit harder, but still doable, I think. Make the poem into the shape of a lizard. This way you get to work out your writing skills, your art skills, and your muscles.

I look forward to seeing the results on the thread on YWS or in the comments. As always, enjoy and be creative!


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