Creative Catastrophe- M

This week’s Creative Catastrophe Challenge is magical, of course, because magic begins with the letter M. This challenge is Magical Mermaids, and in order to complete it you will need to find some water.

Basically, you just need to write a story or a poem or a song or whatever about mermaids. However, you must write this while at least partially submerged in water. You could write while in the bathtub or over the edge of a swimming pool. Or if that seems too difficult then find a bucket and stand in the water as you write, or put your foot in the sink while you write. I’m sure you can figure something out. Besides, writing underwater is sure to increase the creative mermaid thoughts.

The bonus of the week may not be entirely possible, but I hear there are pens that can write sideways and upside down and underwater. The bonus challenge is to write the entire thing while completely submerged underwater. If you can complete this challenge you’ll be my favorite person for a week.

As always, enjoy, and I really hope to see some of these stories and to hear about your underwater adventures. Post your stories/poems or your experience writing them in the comments or on the thread on YWS.


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