Creative Catastrophe- O

This week’s challenge is not for the faint of heart or the lacking in courage. This challenge is dangerous, possibly foolish, and you may end up covered in blood or sap.

O is for Open Overhead, and the topic of your chosen piece of writing, be it poem or story or song or novel or essay, is flying.

(Don’t worry, I am NOT challenging you to jump off a barn roof or anything.) Just climb a tree. As high as you can. And then write about flying while you sit in a tree.

The Bonus is to jump at least part way down instead of just climbing all the way down from your tree perch.

And of course, have fun, try not to get hurt, and um, don’t step on any dead branches. Post your stories (the ones you wrote and the ones about climbing the tree if anything exciting happens.)


I've been writing since I learned how to talk. I love stories and I love words.

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