Creative Catastrophe- P

Population Peering.

This week go and People Watch, because sometimes you find the craziest inspiration while watching people who don’t realize they’re being watched. Use that inspiration to write a story or a poem or a song or an essay, or just write what you see as you see it and let the words tell themselves.

For the bonus challenge go for a walk in the city or stop in a graveyard and look for names. Then use the names that you find on the tombstones or in the graffiti to name the people you see as you people watch.

As always, have fun. Make sure to stop by and submit your posts in the thread on Young Writers Society or in the comments below.

Also, a quick note, I want to apologize that I haven’t had the time to submit my own examples of the last few challenges. Believe it or not I’m in England right now studying at Capernwray Hall, and I just cannot find the time to fill out my own challenges. That and limited internet access times that are usually reserved for keeping in touch with family and friends back home. Eventually I’ll get my life back, though, I hope.


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