Creative Catastrophe- Q

Oh dear. I have been all over the world these last few months. (Like, actually. Eight different countries, and it was wonderful.) However, I hope that jumping back into the Creative Catastrophe Challenges won’t be too much of a problem. If you happen to stumble upon this one, be sure to go back and check out the rest of the alphabet, and if you really have time to spare then go check out some of the completed challenges on Young Writers Society.

Anyway, now here we are after a long break to let you all gather your creative juices, and we are facing the letter Q, which today stands for Queer Questions. For this one you need to think of one of your literary heroes. This could be an author of your favorite book or a character from within that feels more real to you than the actual author. In any case, choose someone and write out ten questions that you wish you could ask him or her.

Along with this, describe the setting you would like to conduct the interview in. Maybe you’re sitting in a coffee shop or on the back of a fearsome dragon. I don’t know, the writing is all yours. Just be creative and write out your perfect meeting place for this literary hero that you get to pretend to meet.

Today’s Bonus Challenge: Write out the full interview, including what you think your literary hero would answer and how he or she would react to each of your questions.

As always, have fun! Post your completed challenge in the comments below, or in the forum of the Young Writers Society.


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