Creative Catastrophe- R

Okay, okay, okay. I know. I am a terrible person and I have shamefully neglected my Creative Catastrophe posts. I deserve to be imprisoned with cage fighting parrots and a rhinoceros with the stomach flu. Actually, the rhino may be a little much, but still, feel free to stick out your tongue and make faces at me and tell me what a horrible person I am.

Life has just finally caught up with me, in the form of college and the beginning of a new novel. So rest assured I have been writing plenty, I just haven’t been challenging.

So, after a rather long interlude, let us return to the world of challenges, starting up right where we left off, on the letter R.

R, my friends, stands for Running Rants.

This challenge is simple, to get back into the swing of things. Just write a poem or a story or whatever you feel like writing, while running. Don’t hurt yourself! I recommend a treadmill for this, if possible, or just running in place in a safe location rather than, like, running across busy high ways in the middle of the night or something. So write while running, but don’t get hurt while doing so.

I am not responsible for any injuries this challenge may cause. Just saying.

Bonus for this week, start every sentence or every line if writing a poem, with the letter R, because today’s challenge is challenge number R. Which is totally a number. Don’t question me.

As always, have a blast with this. Post your success stories (or complain about your failure, whichever the case may be) in the comments below or in the thread on YWS which is hopefully still alive after all these months of abandon….


I've been writing since I learned how to talk. I love stories and I love words.

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