How to Be A YA Heroine #1: Katniss Everdeen

All you need to be a Hunger Games victor

All you need to be a Hunger Games victor

How to be a YA Heroine #1: Katniss Everdeen

I’ve decided to become who I’ve always wanted to be: a fashion blogger. Kind of. Not really. Anyway, for the next little while I will be giving you all advice on how you, too, can star in a young adult book series and inevitable blockbuster movie franchise.                                       

Perhaps the most iconic heroine of this decade is Katniss Everdeen, the tough mudder from District 12, and what better place to start than the Volunteer, the Tribute, the Victor, the Mockingjay. Whatever you want to call her, we all know one thing for certain: Katniss has lots of things to worry about and her clothes are picked for comfort and practicality rather than style.

Unlike most heroines, Katniss actually has a personal stylist! Cinna’s designs are great, but we’re going to stick with Katniss’s own personal  fashion:


  1. Dress for warmth and comfort. Katniss spends a lot of her free time out in the woods, setting traps and shooting prey. Her clothes have to be functional and sturdy. Try cargo pants and warm woollen layers.
  2. Earth tones. Katniss likes to stay undercover in the woods – greens and browns are good camouflage so your prey won’t catch sight of you!
  3. Leather jacket. A staple part of Katniss’s wardrobe is a jacket she inherited from her father. But don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to raid your dad’s wardrobe, any brown leather will do – like a gorgeous fitted biker jacket!
  4. Another regular appearance in Katniss’s wardrobe are hunting boots. Since you’re probably not actually out killing things you can go for something a bit more stylish.
  5. Dutch braid. Katniss’s hair is one of her most recognisable features. Don’t know how to Dutch braid? Zoella has done a nice tutorial for Capitol folks like us:
  6. Bird and arrow accessories. You probably don’t have a bow and arrow to hand, or a Mockingjay pin, so improvise with some of these to channel Katniss.
  7. Scowl. Last but not least, no Katniss look is quite right without looking like you’re having the worst day ever which – let’s face it, she probably is.

Once you’ve got your outfit down, you can really let your inner Katniss shine through. Katniss is no nonsense, fairly humourless and not very charming. Try replacing sentences you’d usually speak with monosyllabic grunts. Don’t flirt, you do not have time for boys no matter what everybody thinks. If you have adoring fans like Katniss, you should probably hate them like she does. Hate everything a little bit more. Especially cats. Except for your family. Remember how important they are to you.


Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


The Polyvore set above can be found here:


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