How to be a YA Heroine #2: Beatrice Prior

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How to be a YA heroine #2: Tris Prior

 Riding hot on the heels of Katniss Everdeen in popularity, in blockbusters and now in this blog, is Tris Prior of the Divergent trilogy by Veronia Roth. Truth telling time: I’ve only read the first of these books. So while I think Tris may do some trotting around to other factions, these are the two I experienced her in. As they’re two very different looks, here are some tips for both:

Abnegation Beatrice:


  1. Grey. Lots and lots of grey. It doesn’t all have to be one shade of grey, but make sure you don’t slip off into the arenas of off-white or those of charcoal. We’re sticking with grey today.
  2. Shapeless. The closer your clothes get to a nun’s habit, the better.
  3. Chignon. Simple! Grab your hair, twist and tie. Keep it away from your face. It needs to be something you can do without a mirror, as Beatrice only gets to use one of those once a month.
  4. Grab a make-up wipe. That’s right, I’m afraid you’re going to have to go bare-faced for this look. Put on a little bit of moisturiser for that healthy, innocent, young-girl glow. But don’t do anything further than that.
  5. Be kind. The most important thing about any faction is attitude. Along with all this grey and modesty, remember to always be looking out for how to help others.

Dauntless Tris:

  1. Black and red. Yep, we’re changing it up now! Go find those tops you still have from your emo days and don them – they’re officially cool again.
  2. Ripped and dangerous. Your clothes need to be in less-than-perfect condition. Try to look like you’ve spent your whole day fighting and jumping off things, and your clothes are a bit worse for the wear.
  3. Tattoos. Okay, tattoos are probably a little extreme. But Tris is known for her three birds on her collarbone. Feel free to fake it with a marker or a liquid eyeliner. And on that note…
  4. Eyeliner.Black. Intense. Smudgy. You want to look like your eyes hide dark secrets, even if they don’t. Lash it on.


For both Dauntless and Abnegation, it’s all about giving an air about the kind of heroine you are. Are you a Disney princess who’s been sent to live in a nunnery and coping with it with kindness and selflessness? Or are you the kind of person your mother never wanted you to be, wearing combat boots and smoking cigarettes behind the bike shed? (Don’t smoke, smoking is bad for you). You decide, literally, in a ceremony when you’re sixteen. Who needs aptitude tests when you’ve got that?!

And of course, if you decide that neither faction, nor any of the others, are quite your style, it might turn out that you are, in fact…


(But ssh, better to stick with the status quo)


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