Guess that Caption!

Guess that Caption!


This is a simple game where every other week, I’ll post a photo which has something to do with reading/ writing/ words and your job is to guess the caption of the image above. See below for the answer to last week’s caption:



Blunt words generally have a sharp edge.

Nobody guessed it but points to Fort for being amusing:

“Tiny Tim looked friendly enough, but wrote scathing reviews.”

Go to and PM your e-mail address to Rydia and I’ll send you a £5 Amazon e-voucher. If at least five people post again this week, I’ll do the same for my favourite guess.

*All images are taken from the internet and are marked as free for reuse and modification. They are not owned by Rydia or Writing Gooder.


Heather, who goes by Rydia on YWS, has long been an aspiring author. In the early days of her life she attached herself to poetry and would curl up on the playground bench to scrawl down lines of forgotten virtue. Or, more likely, little virtue at all. At the very old age of 11, she joined The Young Writers Club and progressed into the realms of roleplay. Here she constructed characters to fight off dragons or rally to their allies' aid with healing spells; a joint love of gaming heavily influenced this fondness of adventure storybooks. A few more years went by before Heather became a serious novelist and she still considers poetry to be her favourite media for getting those thoughts down on paper. Outside of writing her loves include puzzle books, strategy/ fantasy games, movies, swimming, skiing (when she actually has money), crafty things, baking, food in general, fun pranks and anything involving snow.

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5 Responses

  1. Maddiemouse013 says:

    Dear Green Thumb,
    Work in my garden, not my coffee.
    Sincerely, me

  2. JKHatt says:

    Just. Don’t. Spill it…

  3. Mem says:

    Oh look, there’s a leaf in my coffee *goes back to writing then looks back to coffee fast* WHO SAID I WANTED A LEAF IN MY COFFEE

  4. Fort says:

    Her coffee started sustaining life– untouched– while she took years to write the letter she just couldn’t finish.

  5. Holysocks says:

    AKA, ages and timelines aren’t acceptable. Thankfully though, lettuce can reduce wrinkles, and calm even those frequently mad.
    Which certainly is a good thing to note; for didn’t Charley’s mother go mad from facial droop? I hope that isn’t the case for you since being allergic to lettuce wouldn’t help….

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