Featured Club: Wheel of Prompts

Wheel of Prompts is a fairly new club started by Zyphlid. Young as it is, however, the club already provides a nice variety of daily prompts including those based on words, pictures, and music.

From the About page:

Whether it happens to be a single word, a sentence, or a picture, sometimes we see something and have the incredible urge to write about it.

This is what this club is all about. Through different methods like those above, this club plans to help the writer write, whether it is a paragraph or a full-blown chapter.

Prompts are what they are called and each day this club will introduce at least one prompt to help a fellow writer out.

If you participate in a prompt and publish it, make sure to link us to it in a “reply” comment underneath the prompt that inspired you!

If you’re looking for something to spur your creativity, this club may just be the thing.


Kyll likes puns and playing with pronouns. Kyll also likes talking about Kyllself in third person. Kyll currently writes the Featured Club column, though Kyll hopes to branch out soon into other areas of Kyllish interest. Kyll also spends half the time as an INTJ and the other half as an INTP. You have been warned.

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