Featured Club: 100 Themes Challenge

If you thought Wheel of Prompts didn’t provide enough of a challenge, this week’s feature is sure to please.

100 Themes Challenge is a club devoted to get you producing something creative not just once, but one hundred times. The club is also a place to track your progress towards completing the challenge. Because the club’s focus is on producing something creative, all forms of creative works are welcome, including artwork and music, in addition to writing.

The list of themes can be found here, and the club rules can be found here.

Kudos to anyone who completes the challenge.


Kyll likes puns and playing with pronouns. Kyll also likes talking about Kyllself in third person. Kyll currently writes the Featured Club column, though Kyll hopes to branch out soon into other areas of Kyllish interest. Kyll also spends half the time as an INTJ and the other half as an INTP. You have been warned.

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  1. Trident says:

    Cool, I will have to check it out. I always find that prompts help me to get started on the writing process even if I don’t keep what I write.

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