Word of the Week #3

Man, Cyril just played an amazing hemidemisemiquaver!

hemidemisemiquaver (noun)


1. A musical note played for 1/64 of the duration of a whole note. Also known as a sixty-fourth note.

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2 Responses

  1. beckiw says:

    It looks like someone was trying to say a word and then got confused and said the beginning of a lot of other words and then went ‘Quaver’

    Sort of like when my Nana forgets who she’s talking to and goes through all the names – ‘MaDavMicHelKatRebecca’

    Also…you totally just picked this because it has ‘demi’ in it.

  2. Charlie II says:

    I love that the words hemi, demi and semi are all used to mean “half”! That’s such an efficient use of language…

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