Featured Club: You know you’re a writer when…

Writers are peculiar creatures. We have particular habits and behaviors that mark us as distinctly more writerish than non-writers, many of which are common, and many more being decidedly uncommon even among our fellow writerly brethren.

Wherever your habits fall upon the spectrum of writerly eccentricities, You know you’re a writer when… is the club to share them in.

Just beware: you’ll never know if or when another writer will come along and snag your quirk for a character.


Kyll likes puns and playing with pronouns. Kyll also likes talking about Kyllself in third person. Kyll currently writes the Featured Club column, though Kyll hopes to branch out soon into other areas of Kyllish interest. Kyll also spends half the time as an INTJ and the other half as an INTP. You have been warned.

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  1. Swiftfur says:

    You know, a while back, i made up s lot of, “you know you’re a writer when’s”. One of my favorite ones is, “You know you’re a writer when you start writing a journal in your head about your life.”

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