The Official YWS Grand Re-opening Survey!

Hear ye! Hear ye! You know what today is? YES, it’s Wednesday! Oh, no, now wait, NO! Who said that!? Why, yes! It’s the YWS Grand Re-opening! This only means that it’s time to celebrate!

But how could we celebrate? Think, think, think… Oh I know! How about looking way back pass those years (or months) of being here at YWS and reminiscing the good old days of being an innocent YWSer! Just think about how you found YWS, how you met some of the members, about you’re first work, the time when you were first banned and all that. After this, we could go hunt for unicorns!

To guide you in discovering your ‘inner past’, take some time answering the fun Q’s below 😀 Lemme give you a whole week to answer them!

1.) How did you discover YWS in the first place?

2.) When did you discover that you like or appreciate writing?

3.) What is the title, form and genre of the first piece you posted at YWS?

4.) Do you have a YWS nickname?

5.) Have you ever been banned in the forums or in chat?

6.) What genre of literature do you detest the most?

7.) How long have you been in YWS?

8.) How many workshops and contests have you participated in at YWS?

9.) Who have been your greatest influences here?

10.) What is your most favorite section in the forums?

11.) Do you remember the first person you’ve met here? Who?

12.) What was your worst writer’s block?

13.) Have you or your works been featured? Do you want to?

14.) What is the best work you’ve read here and why? A link would do!

15.) Have you met somebody in YWS in real life?

16.) Have you tried reading an article in Squills or Writing Gooder

[b]17.) How many storybooks have you been in?

18.) What book would you like to recommend the most to YWSers?

19.) Have you used the foes feature when it was available in your profile settings?

20.) What do you think is the best thing YWS have done to you?
Easter Eggs Dare: Answer at your own risk!

1.) Do you know who Pat Buchanan really is?

2.) Have you ever tried hunting unicorns or sea monsters in YWS?

3.) Have you tried eating a book before?

4.) For you, what’s the least favorable forum/section here?

5.) How many grammatical errors have you found in the posts around the forums? How many in this post?


There! Everyone would really like to know about you, so answer the questions above and make sure you spread the word!

Now, for a week or two, starting today, we can have a fun celebration of exploring our past and dissecting our experiences at YWS!

If you wanna answer the survey, do post them here so that everyone could see!

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