The YWS Grand Re-Opening


There were three reasons to be excited when I woke up this morning: It was the weekend. It was snowing. It was the YWS Grand Re-opening! I must admit, I was at first too preoccupied by the snow outside my window for the realisation to sink in, but gradually I became aware that it was the weekend. And what better way to start the weekend, than with a celebration at my favourite writing society?

First, a word from the man who made all of this possible, the one and only Nate!

With YWS: Apollo now more or less complete, the Young Writers Society will be celebrating its Grand Re-opening on March 23! It’ll be a day of celebration for everything that all of us have accomplished over the years. Whether you just joined today, or you’re one of the originals, you have contributed something to YWS.

We’ve come a long way from the humble beginnings of the site, a time I can’t tell you much about as I wasn’t yet aware of our existence. But I can tell you what others have told me, that it was a small and close-knit community, that the members were friendly and helped each other to improve their writing and that it was a fun and encouraging environment for any aspiring author. Well, if you take the ‘small’ out of that statement, it truly describes the YWS we all know and love today.

So how long exactly has YWS been around? I had intended to tell you that the answer is 8 years and 5 months, but now I’ve made this statement, I’ve decided it’s only fair to give you the most exact answer possible. Which is… after some careful calculations… YWS turns out to be… 8 years, 4 months, 1 week and 2 days old!

That’s not quite old enough to join the site yet, but one day she’ll get there. The only question is, will you be around to see it happen? I certainly hope so! I also hope you’ll all join us for a week of fun filled activities, from filling out the official survey to defending the YWS base from The Nothing! There’s more to be found on YWS main, but I’ll let you search it out for yourselves and I’ll end by wishing you all a fun and creative Grand Re-Opening.

This was Heather, officially launching the YWS Apollo. Over and out.



Heather, who goes by Rydia on YWS, has long been an aspiring author. In the early days of her life she attached herself to poetry and would curl up on the playground bench to scrawl down lines of forgotten virtue. Or, more likely, little virtue at all. At the very old age of 11, she joined The Young Writers Club and progressed into the realms of roleplay. Here she constructed characters to fight off dragons or rally to their allies' aid with healing spells; a joint love of gaming heavily influenced this fondness of adventure storybooks. A few more years went by before Heather became a serious novelist and she still considers poetry to be her favourite media for getting those thoughts down on paper. Outside of writing her loves include puzzle books, strategy/ fantasy games, movies, swimming, skiing (when she actually has money), crafty things, baking, food in general, fun pranks and anything involving snow.

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5 Responses

  1. LP says:

    Who else, though it’s a long time from now, can’t wait for the 10th birth day of YWS?

  2. Nathan says:

    Eh, it’s not that far away. Cannot wait, YWS is the best around!

  3. Heather says:

    It’s only 20 months away! That’s not so very long 😀 (and yes, I am very excited!)

  4. Swiftfur says:

    Hey guys! Just a little yws’er here. Anyway, i red somewhere that you thought about joining yws. Well, whats the waiting for? come on and join!

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