YWS Easter Egg Hunt

Hello everyone!

An exciting event is now taking place over at The Young Writers Society and anyone can take part! The YWS staff have hidden 20 secret Easter Eggs around the site and each one is accompanied by a question or a challenge. What you need to do is find those eggs and post your answers here, then the person with the most correct answers will be declared the winner.

The prize is a thorough analysis of any piece of writing, whether it be posted on YWS or not, and an adorable Easter chick:


If you want to be the one receiving this cutie in the mail, then go find those eggs now! You have until the 7th April 01:00am GMT to submit your answers here.

Happy Hunting everyone!


Heather, who goes by Rydia on YWS, has long been an aspiring author. In the early days of her life she attached herself to poetry and would curl up on the playground bench to scrawl down lines of forgotten virtue. Or, more likely, little virtue at all. At the very old age of 11, she joined The Young Writers Club and progressed into the realms of roleplay. Here she constructed characters to fight off dragons or rally to their allies' aid with healing spells; a joint love of gaming heavily influenced this fondness of adventure storybooks. A few more years went by before Heather became a serious novelist and she still considers poetry to be her favourite media for getting those thoughts down on paper. Outside of writing her loves include puzzle books, strategy/ fantasy games, movies, swimming, skiing (when she actually has money), crafty things, baking, food in general, fun pranks and anything involving snow.

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12 Responses

  1. indieeloise says:

    [Edited – Please don’t give the questions away here – thanks for the answer!]

  2. Erza says:

    No 8…[edited to remove the text of the question – thanks for entering!]


  3. Erza says:

    No 13…

  4. Erza says:

    No 6
    The study and creation of beauty…

    This is not a word….but then again the word asked is so vast in meaning and all….

  5. Erza says:

    No 2


  6. Erza says:

    No 3


    One year, six months and twenty five days……i think….

  7. Erza says:

    No no no!! Its 1 year and 6 months and 20 days….

  8. Erza says:

    Struggling with the days….I am so deeply sorry….the day part..its 24… final answer…I am not changing it…..promise!!

  9. Erza says:

    No 17
    Enid Blyton..

  10. Xaxas says:

    #2 – Sax
    #3 – A year, three month, and one day (posted on April 3rd)
    #4 – White with a metallic gold color around the windows
    #5 – Owl from Winne the Pooh
    #6 – Skill or technique
    #8 – open-your-eyes-you-can-fly/
    #10 – Smucking – Meaning to talk smug about oneself
    #13 – Six
    #17 – Dr. Seuss

  11. Niteowl says:

    1. fat
    2. laden
    3. 8 years, 4 months or so
    4. white
    5. Nemo…I’m always lost.
    6. I think creation is fitting.
    7. Hm…probably my old dorm room/building
    9. Alison Goodman
    10. comedeflation the feeling after you tell a funny story that is poorly received.
    In a sentence: “You had to be there, I guess,” Josh sighed in comedeflation.
    11. Pat buchanan
    12.oily or greasy-works for both definitions
    13. 6, 10 if you count the KB subforums
    15. Light with a wavelength between about 450 and 495 nm or objects that reflect said range
    16. Nate
    17. Probably Theodore Geisel 😛
    18. 8
    20.When I was a kid, I had a great and wonderful series of phonics videos that featured a puppet named Alfred.

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