Winner of the YWS Easter Hunt Challenge!


First, I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who entered and to the moderating staff who made this possible! AlfredSymon was particularly genius at hiding his share of the eggs and Hannah managed to create some confusion by taking ownership of one of the first ten. You may continue to see them around the forums for a couple of days yet, but by the end of the weekend they will all have been taken down, though I might post them in a commemorative thread where people who didn’t get a chance to take part can answer all the questions.

Of course, the real reason for this announcement is to announce the winner of our handsome Easter chick and the thorough analysis, so without further ado, it gives me great delight to tell you that winner was…



Congratulations and very well deserved, those were some excellent answers. If you want to send your address in a private message to Rydia, I will see that the prize is sent on its way and make arrangements for the analysis as well.

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part and I hope you all enjoyed the festivities.



Heather, who goes by Rydia on YWS, has long been an aspiring author. In the early days of her life she attached herself to poetry and would curl up on the playground bench to scrawl down lines of forgotten virtue. Or, more likely, little virtue at all. At the very old age of 11, she joined The Young Writers Club and progressed into the realms of roleplay. Here she constructed characters to fight off dragons or rally to their allies' aid with healing spells; a joint love of gaming heavily influenced this fondness of adventure storybooks. A few more years went by before Heather became a serious novelist and she still considers poetry to be her favourite media for getting those thoughts down on paper. Outside of writing her loves include puzzle books, strategy/ fantasy games, movies, swimming, skiing (when she actually has money), crafty things, baking, food in general, fun pranks and anything involving snow.

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