Challenge Corner #9 – Car Boot

Hello again, everyone! Apologies for the break in schedule last week – the shark of university leapt up out of the ocean a bit more suddenly than I was expecting, but we’re back to your regular programming as of today! So, without further ado…

The main character of the piece is in the boot (trunk) of a car.

Remember, you can write anything you like for Challenge Corner – poetry, prose, or something else entirely (if that’s possible…). I really love seeing what different people come up with for these things, so go wild, get creative, and bring us something shiny and new!

Oh, but wait. Before you go rushing off, don’t forget the super bonus options! If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know the deal with these by now – these are bolt-on optional extras, that you can pick and choose to create your own appropriately-challenging challenge. You don’t have to do them, but the more you do, the more metaphorical points you get!

+ Bonus Points if the character chose to be there.

++ Double Bonus Points if the character isn’t human.

+++ Triple Bonus Points if the character accidentally gets sold at a car boot sale!

Okay, now you can rush off! Happy writing, and I look forward to seeing what you come back with!

Cadi x


Cadi is a Computer Science student from the UK, with hair that keeps changing colour and a mind that keeps changing topic. She writes, doodles, photographs and cooks, and gets far too excited about all of them in turn. Because it's worth getting excited about stuff.

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  1. beckiw says:

    I totally read the title and thought ‘Is Cadi doing a Challenge Corner about Car Boot Sales?’ lol

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