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Tahereh Mafi, Coffee Girl 3

Tahereh Mafi, Coffee Girl

One day, I asked myself, who authors really are. They are writers, yes. They produce entertaining pieces of literature, yes. They make lives, create fantasies, remix histories, yes. But I believe that there are...

Rick Riordan and the Olympians 0

Rick Riordan and the Olympians

A few years ago, Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythologies were only subject areas to be studied by scholars of such interests, but recently, if you’ve noticed, even youths eight to twelve years old know...

WANTED: Lemony Snicket 1

WANTED: Lemony Snicket

Have you ever read any book from A Series of Unfortunate Events? If you haven’t yet, lemme tell you a thing or two bout the novels. The series is actually the narration of the lives of...